Monday, September 28, 2009

Ready for SEM 2.......

Today-28 September 2009 is the day when the semester one begins. I woke up at 8.15am today and prepared as usual. But......I DUNNO WHICH PLACE I'M SUPPOSING TO GO!! Do i need to go to the main admistration building to register and attend for the orientation program? Or i just have go to attend the Calculus class without register??? GOSH......Finally we decided to go attend classes without register.

I'm in Q group and finally same group with Jacy, ren, Bing and etc!!! YAY....... There are three groups (P,Q,R) and as usual we need to take six subjects excluding the lame moral studies- Calculus, Mathematics Technique, Computer Method, Electricity and magnetisim, Thermal Science,Study Skills. This SEM takes longer than the previous SEM (Semester Zero)...I think!! We only have our Mid Term Break at December...I'm looking forward to it!! Hehehehe ............

Today i had my first Calculus lesson and it was okay....average!! Still at the basic level....I hope i can cope well!! Well....The electricity lesson was a disaster!! NIGHTMARE!! The beginning was easy but at the end, I'M LOST!!!! I don't know how the equations come from and when to apply the correct equations to the questions. Damm it.....the equation signs used in the equation was so confusing and everyone kept asking WHAT IS E?? WHAT IS THE SMALL E STAND FOR?? WHAT IS SMALL L??? ARGGGGG!!!

Our lesson ended at 4 today which supposed to end at 5 due to the short electricity lesson we had today. After that, we( Jacy, Ren, Rohan, Marcus and Nathan) went to Ms. Lim's room to check our Chemistry marks and unfortunately she was not in. HAIZ....I also went to Nathan's room for the first time and i can't even stay in his room for 5 minutes due to the Dettol "perfume"!!! ZzZzZzzZ.......

Okay....Computer Methods and Thermal Science are next for 2morow lessons. I hope everything going to be alright for 2morow. Pray hard and fingers crossed!!! See ya!!!

*Sok Wai and Joshua!! This is my second post and it is a long one!!HAHAHAHA!!!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Back to the jungle!!!

I'm back to my uni!!! A lottttttttt of people r in my uni now!!!! They just came back from summer break-3 months. Our territories have been conquered by them!! Aikssss......There are a lot of activities going on on campus and u can see everyone walking around the unI...NON STOP!!!! I'm going to tell you more in my next post!!! See ya!!1

Monday, September 21, 2009


Okay.....Here you go!!! My first post after.....HMMMM....One week??? Nope!!! Two weeks?? Nope!!! One month?? Sort of!!!!

After two weeks of hectic exam, i'm officially have my life back!!! Finally..... Currently i'm in Ipoh, feel free to call me out whenever u r free!! I came back to Ipoh since the last friday midnight!! The traffic jam was totally a nightmare!!! It took about five hours to reach Ipoh. WTH!!!

My first semester is finally ended and the second semester is coming soon. The first semester was all about rush....rush...rush!!! The July intake semester zero was hectic like hell!!I was almost cracked down under such high pressure!!! I was going to explode but luckily i have my friends and family 's supports to make me stand strong and persevere at the times. I don't think i did well for my first semester as i was slacked a bit during the beginning of semester. Everyone was fooling around and enjoying themselves all the times. I'm regret now for not putting more efforts for my first semester but what is done is done. What i can do now is pray hard and hope can score distiction or merit for my subjects.

Since the last friday midnight, i was hagging with my frens everyday. We went to yam cha, movies, breakfast.......more to come!!! The last saturday morning,i had my breakfast with Eu Wayne, Steven, Weng Hong, Jin Hwa, Ph'ing and Shueng Ching(did i spell correctly???). Everyone did changed a lot after three months and the only one who is gaining fat/ muscular is Weng Hong while the others are having a thin figure. Some of us who are driving lost our sense of direction in Ipoh as we did't recognised
the route to the Restaurant "Small Genting Highland". Some took about half an hour to reach there while some, so called the Ipoh Lang took only 15 minutes to reach there. We had a lot of fun while we were having breakfast.

Yesterday i went out with Mr.Saw, Chee Hoe, Chia Wei, Jin Hwa and the loudspeaker, Miss Melissa at JJ. Boo yee finally emulate my great success- lepas kapal terbang!!! Good Job... BOO YEE!! *Thumb Up" We watched the Singapore movie "Where Got Ghost" and it was OKAY.....AVERAGE!!! Three stars out of five!!! Melissa was covering the face with her bag throughout the movie. The sound effectof the movie was fastatic as part of the scenes did really freak me out!! Not only me, but Chia Wei and Jinzzz too!!! After the movie, we went to Restaurant "Coffee and Tea" to have our dinner. The funniest part of the dinner was Chia Wei mentioned about Melissa's height!!!

Chia Wei: Melissa, you look taller than i expected!! Ur leg can touch the floor jor lah while you are sitting?
Melissa : ARGGGGGGGGGG.....(Screaming)

We was laughing so loud until the uncle who was sitting besides us was staring at us. After the dinner, we went to take a walk in JJ. Here are the pics i have...the others are with chia Wei!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009


I'm going to update my blog soon!!! There are a whole bunch of photos i want to upload!!! Since everyone is asking me to update my blog especially Sok Wai and Joshua, i'm going to update it soon....................

Saturday, July 11, 2009

College life's not as good as u imagine!!!!

Nottingham University......wat a remote place for a city guy for me!!! I wan my city life back!!! I'm so bored for the past few days in my uni luckily i got some perakian people here with me! We spend almost all the time together and we did had a lot of fun.........chit-chatting.........watching movies..........loitering around in the uni.....

The Nottingham Uni is located at Semenyih,Kajang and i'm staying on campus for the first year .There r five residence halls(Redang, Tioman,Pangkor,Kapas and Langkawi) in Nottingham Uni . Currently i'm staying at Kapas hall where it's the furtest hall from the lecture hall. My legs was extremely excruating pain as everytime i need to take about 15 minutes to walk from my room to the lecture hall and the cafeteria. The only advantage staying in Kapas Hall is the cleanliness of the rooms. It's so clean and hygienic as from what i heard from my frens, it was newly built for half a years ago. But i'm grateful for what i'm having now.I got the second best accomodation in the campus-Single room ensuite with shared bathroom(RM440). Thks JPA!!!

The environment in the campus is totally fastatic and i love it so much. It looks similiar like the main campus in UK from the signboard design to the architecture of the bulidings. I really hope that i can go overseas like UK, Australia and USA as i'm tat kind of person who's so keen to go overseas but now i'm already fine with it......Yesterday night, we went to Kajang to hav our dinner as the cafeteria in the campus was closed due to some reasons. So we had our lunch at BBQ Chicken which it's a korea restaraunt and the food is so expensive!!! I had a "JERK CHICKEN CHOP" and it sounds funny (jerk) as both of my frens (Jacy and Ren) was making fun of it. Then we nid to walk back to the Kajang KTM as our uni shuttle bus will be there to pick up us. It took us about 1o minutes and in the mean time we met a Sarawakie from Sibu. He thought that we r the seniors as we looked much mature but we'r not. He's so fortunate when he met us as he waited the shuttle bus at the wrong place. Luckily Jacy suggested to talk to him. If not, he will be waiting the whole night ,waiting for the shuttle bus to come.

Next week there will be a ice-breaking activity organised by the Students Association and the Swimming Pool Party too.....I think i will be going as i don't want to becum the JPA geek. Now come the sad part.....the lesson will be starting 2morow and we will be having the Math diagnostic test!! OMG.....IT'S A TEST!!! U got to be kidding me............ I have not been studying for the past six months. The test covers from modert math to additional math.It's so wide and how am i going to cover it in two days.

I got to stop here......If not, i might be getting a big zero for my math test!!! Tat's all for now!!! See ya...i will update my blog as soon as possible. OOROO........................

Wednesday, July 1, 2009



Next Monday is the day i will be leaving Ipoh and going to Nottingham Uni! A new enviroment to room(Single room...luckily)!! Haiz.....So sad!! Too bad!!! Since everyone is asking for the photos, here you go!! You ask for it and u got it!!!

Say cheese.................

Stop moving lar....Aiyo!!!

Yeolde English.....Nice Food

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Serious??? Humor??? Hot Temper?? Crazy?? Geek??

This is what on my mind right now!! It's juz pop out from my mind!!

Do u like people criticise or giving contructive/destrutive comments on you? Do u mind on how people look at u? Do u keep it to yourself and try to improve urself for ur friends? Think about it.....Let me ask u a simple question, what is the main aim u r here?? What i mean the word "here" is EARTH!!! Did u kept changing your own personalities , just because of the ways of people looking at u? Then, what's the point u r living on this world? Come on.....u only hav one life!!! There's no take two in life!!! Once ur life ends, it's over!! May be u will believe on all those reborn stuffs, but who knows u r going to be reborn or not!!! So it's better safe than sorry!! LIVE UNTIL THE MAXXXXXXXX...............Do whatever u want despite on how people r looking at u!

Today we were having a farewell dinner at Yeolde English for Ee Xin and Jin Hwa who r going to leave soon for JPA offer. So it was kind of fun and lovely!!! We were chatting all sort of things after the dinner until 10p.m. After that, we decided to take a walk around the shops and we accidentanly met Anuldip Gang at the Old Town Coffee Shop. So...HI...BYE!!!! After that, they just dissapeared (off to the snooker centre). So we finally ended with a simple group photo session. The photos will upload soon.....Be patient!!

Tat's all for now!!! I'm so tired saliva is dripping when i look at my comfortable bed!!! See ya...Oorooo..........

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Mixture of Sadness and Happiness......

It's 1.20p.m now and the air smell so refershing and a little bit chilly(May be it's the air Condition). I'm enjoying listening to the Lauren Hill best song ever,"Can't take off my eyes off u".Today i did't went to school as my parents went to Penang for some personal thingy and no transport for me. Another day passed without meeting my friends at school as time for us to meet each other r getting lesser and lesser.

Finally I'M PASSED MY DRIVING TEST!!! Hehehehe.....I'm still waiting to get my "P" lincense. Hopefully i can get it on this friday so that i can practise and sharpen my driving skills without banging my dad's car badly.Hopefully..... About the MOE overseas teaching programme, i failed to secure my teaching scholarship among the 1800 sucessful applicants. They are only choosing 100 candidates among the 18oo applicants. Its' like 5.5 % out of 100%!!! Haiz...another failure!!

Anyway, i still sucessfully secured my JPA local private university (IPTS) scholarship. I feel great about it even thought i did't get the overseas scholarship as my result's not friggin excellent! It's juz average and i won't be those demanding kids who don't not appreciate what they got in their hands and just keen to go overseas. As the only thing they had in their mind is I wan to study overseas in the "foreign univeristy". I think it's time for those people to change their conception on the so called "foreign university". V should aim for those top foreign universities like Ivy League, Oxbridge,Imperial,UCL and LSE. I think JPA still sponsoring students who obtained a place in one of the top foreign universities.

Anyway....tat's all for now. See ya!! Ooroo!!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

It's such a lovely day-Thursday! I enjoyed my own cooked Instant mee and watched tv series as usual in the morning...Three days to go for Form 6!! Yesterday i went to hav lunch with my ex-voyager mate and it was juz a simple lunch at Kor Sai Mui. All my ex form 6 adviced me to let go form 6 if i had a better offer (scholarship) and it wasn't easy to study form6. I'm just lost my appetite for the Assam soup and dessert after all the advices. I know i'm not the type of person who willing to do revision constantly. As i noe, if u wan to study form 6 and get full scholarship for futher studies, all u nid to get in STPM is flat A's and CGPA must be not less that 3.75++!! It's friggin scaring and totally ridiculous for me.....

I want to run away from Form 6 but my only choice is between Form 6 and MOE teaching overseas programme. Frankly speaking, my ambition's totally not in teaching field. i never thought about becoming a teacher!!! Wat a boring job! The only reason i applied for this progamme is i'm just keen to go overseas study and this programme is my last choice if i really want to escape from form 6!! One year foundation in private U and four years in UK for bachelor of science majoring in Chemistry!!! The sad part for this programme is u nid to come back to serve for the country for six years!!! 6 years bond to the gorvement!!! SOB SOB!!!

It really put me in such an awkward situation!!! I'm speechless if i really got the MOE scholarship!! If i reject the scholarship, i feel i'm so selfish and think about those who did't even get the chance to go for the interview!! BUT...HEY!!! Who said this world is fair for everyone!!! Everyone 's care about their own business!!! The earth will continue to rotate without u and the world will continue to progress without the presence of u !! Can anyone stand up and honestly admit that you never said and done something for the advantage for urself and not for ur beloved frens!!! Well....the truth is YOU ARE SELFISH!!! Not just me...but everyone as well!!! ADMIT IT..OK??

Form 6 or Teaching field??? I really don't want to stuck in teaching field for the rest of my life!!! If i really failed to score well in SPTM......wat should i do???'s hard for me!!!! Last Wednesday I steven sum and suet lee gang went to go take a walk at the Kledang mountain ("HANG SAI")!! Erm....It was OKAY for me as i'm not really into HANG SAI activity!!! Hahahaha.........

I think tat's all for now!!! I'm going to school to take my offer letter!!! See ya!!! Oorooo!!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

It has been a while i did't updating my blog. I'm so sorry about it,GUYS!! I got my own reasonable excuse, For the past few weeks, i have been working so hard on all kind of scholarships. I have to go back to school to certified all my certs.......I have to complete some scholarship essays........i have to complete the online scholarship application forms before the deadline. Woooa......I NEED SOME REST,MAN!!!

Okay....I'm finally get through all those frustation and disspointment after my result came out! The result just did't came out as i was expected. I'm "this close" to get straight A's!!! May be some of u may think that i'm the one who do not appreciate what i got but try to stand at my position and think. Is it worthy to study so hard and get this kind of result? (Sign)Haiz.....What has been done is done!! It's not over for me as i still can try my luck and strike straight A'S in STPM 2009!! Hahahaha.....ambitious dream??I DON'T THINK SO!! I believe in the saying as "If there'a will, there's a way"!!! Anyway,i hope i will get some postive replies from my scholarships sponsors!!! Hopefully.........

My parents are so happy for me as they really put me on such a high expectation. Franky...It doesn't feel good when someone look upon u!!! I'm totally stressed out!! I've noticed a connection between how old people are and how much importance they place on me getting a tertiary education. I guess it’s a case of the older generation wanting the younger generation to do better than they did.They do not want their son or grandson to emulate their great "success"!!

Tat's all for now!! I will continue it in my next blog!! See ya!! Hooroo!!!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Stressful week... and the pressure is "ON"!!!

After three months of holidays.....doing ntg except travelling (AUS), doing some readings,online when free,and eat sleep not forgetting watching TV.....I'm so bored to this kind of lifestyle!!! It's time for the real business!! What i'm talking here is SPM (Malaysia Certificate Result 2008)!! It has been a long tired journey for us (my buddies) to wait for this scaring and exciting day!! My buddies are going to stay at my second hse and sleep over until the next day.They plan to Barbequet at my place and drink as much as alcohol drinks they want!!! Enjoy for the day before the SPM result announce!! Actually i'm freaky nervous and nervebreaking right now!! I'm wondering how am i going to handle such pressure when i'm lining up to get my result slip....Bitting my nails?? Listening to music??? Chatting with frens??? take a deep breath???

12 March 2009....It's all depend on it!! What kind of route am i going to take for my future?? Praying hard to the saying goes"when there's a will,there's a way"!!

I really hope i can score well as my parents are putting high hopes on me....i don't want to let them down as i'm the youngest one in my family!! I really mean it......

Anyway, For the STPM (A-levels) students, good luck and hoping all my form 6 frens are getting flying colours in their result!! God bless u.........

Now let's forget the stressful stuffs.....After two weeks of lectures....I'm finally can drive!!!! I'm so addicted to driving for this moment and my first driving lesson was quite choking as i'm not used to control between the gear and the accelerator but after one hour, i finally get used to it and it

was getting better and better......Thks god!!

It's pretty late right now and it's about 1.30a.m! I did't feel like to go to bed at this moment may be the stress is torturing me!! hahahaha........Tat's all for now!! See ya!! OOROO.....(aussie slang, Bye Bye)

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Jeolously kills.......Anti Attention Seekers!!!!

Jeolously..........Wat can u relate with this single word?

Couple wif third party????

Among frens????

Among family members????

I learn about jeolously from one of my friend and I totally changed my perception about friend. One word can describe him entirely.........."IDIOT" !!! What is the definition of the word "idiot?

Idiot is a person of profound mental retardation having a mental age below three years and generally being unable to learn connected speech or guard against common dangers. Mental age below three years?? He got a three years old soul and a sixteen years old body!!! I think u would agree with me after u read through my blog. I know Mr.Jeolously through my Australia trip. He stay at Melbourne with his host family for one month and as i got two host families, i hav two different places to stay. The first host family was staying in somekind of courtly side Merino,Victoria . My host dad, John Northcott is a commercialization farmer and he owns three farms. His beloved wife, Helen Northcott is an usual housewive and they are just lovely couple. They have three adult childrens and five grandsons. I was not staying with Mr.Jeolously in my first host family's hse. After two weeks, i hav to go back to Melbourne by coach and train services.

Back to Melbourne, I went to my second host family, The Brown Family. My host dad is Paul Brown who works as a waterpipes salesman and his wife, Janina Brown is a admistration worker in Courtly Fire Authority (CFA). They hav two children, Trent Brown and Nikolina Brown. They are so fun and active and i had a lot of fun times with them. Now here he comes, Mr. Jeolousy!!

Throughout the two weeks in Bacchus Marsh , we(three of us) went everywhere together as Mr.Jeolousy's host family lives nearby my host family hse. So it would be easier for them to take up turns to bring us out. So we did't mind as i thought we did caused a little bit trouble for them. After a weeks, Mr.Jeoulousy is sort of "falling in love" with my host family, Brown Family especially Janina. He told me all sort of idiot stuffs( wan to stay with them forever, studying in AUS in future, Call them everyday after back to MAS). I'm felt so sick (vomitting)!!! I'm like what the hell with this guy. Is he feeling homesick or is he lack of home warmth? There is another thing i dislike about him.It's his EGO!! Everytime when we chat about our family, He tend to use the phrase " my dad has"!! My dad has three cars!! My dad has 8 hse?? My dad has tis has that...............Even my host mum, Janina realised about that and she told me to ignore about it. I really wan to shout at him : U ROSEMARY BABY, FCUK OFF !!!!'

In additional, he always try to lick my host dad and mum's boot!!! Boot licker!!! Shame on u!!! After i come back to Malaysia, I was quite busy to help my mum business as CNY was around the corner. He was sms to me everyday and told me that he called my host family just now( he called my host family everyday). I said" don't disturb them loh, they r quite busy as school reopen soon and they got a lot of things to busy wif." The most irritating thing is he asked my host mum, Janina to recognise him as Godson. In my deep heart, it's fine for me as long as i keep contact wif them. U noe wat did he told me? He sms me.........................


I asked y can't i be their god son?


The most intense part:



(I was like so pissed off now suddeny he put my mum in) He doesn't like i talked about my mum with my host family(PAUL AND JANINA)in front of him!!! LOSER!!!!!

All my readers, can u imagine how do i feel when he insulted my mum!!! I''m going to stop here. He's just a selfish, attention seekers, Jeolous about my close bond between my host family and me! If I wan to becum their godson, i should be the first one who be their godson as they r my host family and u got ur host family!!!SO LEAVE THEM ALONE! U SARSCATIC CREATURE!!

Until now, i'm still in contact with him. I'm still recoginised him as my friend but i will still keep a distance with him.

Friends??? Can be trusted? Jeolous about everything u own? Try to grab eveything u hav from u? U may help me to answer it...............i'm so hopeless and regret to be friend with him!!! U did make my Australia trip an "unforgetable" one!!!





Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Same guy.......New Blog......New attitudes....Different Personalities

Finally i changed my blog from Xanga to Blogspot.....i want to change it long time ago but......(can't figure out the reasons)!!! It doesn't matter i am!!!

Since i come back from AUS, i was so busy until now and i'm having my driving lecture now. I'm so desperate want to drive now......ARRRR.....!!! After i come back from Australia, i learn a lot of aussie cultures. the most unforgetable culture was certainly the Aussie Knuckles and Aussie Nipple Twister. The pain was so unbearable and excruating and im sure u won't want to try it. I', still in the holiday mood and my mind still in Australia! I miss both of my host family so much!! Anticipating next year trip(hopefully).....Miss the Brown Family and Northcott Family

Sorry for my little god sister(Irene), Happy Birthday(FEB 13) lol....Big gal lol!!! I know it is a little bit late and i hope u won't mind!! hahaha......

i'm so tired and exhausted now......nid some rest!!!