Sunday, March 22, 2009

It has been a while i did't updating my blog. I'm so sorry about it,GUYS!! I got my own reasonable excuse, For the past few weeks, i have been working so hard on all kind of scholarships. I have to go back to school to certified all my certs.......I have to complete some scholarship essays........i have to complete the online scholarship application forms before the deadline. Woooa......I NEED SOME REST,MAN!!!

Okay....I'm finally get through all those frustation and disspointment after my result came out! The result just did't came out as i was expected. I'm "this close" to get straight A's!!! May be some of u may think that i'm the one who do not appreciate what i got but try to stand at my position and think. Is it worthy to study so hard and get this kind of result? (Sign)Haiz.....What has been done is done!! It's not over for me as i still can try my luck and strike straight A'S in STPM 2009!! Hahahaha.....ambitious dream??I DON'T THINK SO!! I believe in the saying as "If there'a will, there's a way"!!! Anyway,i hope i will get some postive replies from my scholarships sponsors!!! Hopefully.........

My parents are so happy for me as they really put me on such a high expectation. Franky...It doesn't feel good when someone look upon u!!! I'm totally stressed out!! I've noticed a connection between how old people are and how much importance they place on me getting a tertiary education. I guess it’s a case of the older generation wanting the younger generation to do better than they did.They do not want their son or grandson to emulate their great "success"!!

Tat's all for now!! I will continue it in my next blog!! See ya!! Hooroo!!!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Stressful week... and the pressure is "ON"!!!

After three months of holidays.....doing ntg except travelling (AUS), doing some readings,online when free,and eat sleep not forgetting watching TV.....I'm so bored to this kind of lifestyle!!! It's time for the real business!! What i'm talking here is SPM (Malaysia Certificate Result 2008)!! It has been a long tired journey for us (my buddies) to wait for this scaring and exciting day!! My buddies are going to stay at my second hse and sleep over until the next day.They plan to Barbequet at my place and drink as much as alcohol drinks they want!!! Enjoy for the day before the SPM result announce!! Actually i'm freaky nervous and nervebreaking right now!! I'm wondering how am i going to handle such pressure when i'm lining up to get my result slip....Bitting my nails?? Listening to music??? Chatting with frens??? take a deep breath???

12 March 2009....It's all depend on it!! What kind of route am i going to take for my future?? Praying hard to the saying goes"when there's a will,there's a way"!!

I really hope i can score well as my parents are putting high hopes on me....i don't want to let them down as i'm the youngest one in my family!! I really mean it......

Anyway, For the STPM (A-levels) students, good luck and hoping all my form 6 frens are getting flying colours in their result!! God bless u.........

Now let's forget the stressful stuffs.....After two weeks of lectures....I'm finally can drive!!!! I'm so addicted to driving for this moment and my first driving lesson was quite choking as i'm not used to control between the gear and the accelerator but after one hour, i finally get used to it and it

was getting better and better......Thks god!!

It's pretty late right now and it's about 1.30a.m! I did't feel like to go to bed at this moment may be the stress is torturing me!! hahahaha........Tat's all for now!! See ya!! OOROO.....(aussie slang, Bye Bye)