Monday, September 21, 2009


Okay.....Here you go!!! My first post after.....HMMMM....One week??? Nope!!! Two weeks?? Nope!!! One month?? Sort of!!!!

After two weeks of hectic exam, i'm officially have my life back!!! Finally..... Currently i'm in Ipoh, feel free to call me out whenever u r free!! I came back to Ipoh since the last friday midnight!! The traffic jam was totally a nightmare!!! It took about five hours to reach Ipoh. WTH!!!

My first semester is finally ended and the second semester is coming soon. The first semester was all about rush....rush...rush!!! The July intake semester zero was hectic like hell!!I was almost cracked down under such high pressure!!! I was going to explode but luckily i have my friends and family 's supports to make me stand strong and persevere at the times. I don't think i did well for my first semester as i was slacked a bit during the beginning of semester. Everyone was fooling around and enjoying themselves all the times. I'm regret now for not putting more efforts for my first semester but what is done is done. What i can do now is pray hard and hope can score distiction or merit for my subjects.

Since the last friday midnight, i was hagging with my frens everyday. We went to yam cha, movies, breakfast.......more to come!!! The last saturday morning,i had my breakfast with Eu Wayne, Steven, Weng Hong, Jin Hwa, Ph'ing and Shueng Ching(did i spell correctly???). Everyone did changed a lot after three months and the only one who is gaining fat/ muscular is Weng Hong while the others are having a thin figure. Some of us who are driving lost our sense of direction in Ipoh as we did't recognised
the route to the Restaurant "Small Genting Highland". Some took about half an hour to reach there while some, so called the Ipoh Lang took only 15 minutes to reach there. We had a lot of fun while we were having breakfast.

Yesterday i went out with Mr.Saw, Chee Hoe, Chia Wei, Jin Hwa and the loudspeaker, Miss Melissa at JJ. Boo yee finally emulate my great success- lepas kapal terbang!!! Good Job... BOO YEE!! *Thumb Up" We watched the Singapore movie "Where Got Ghost" and it was OKAY.....AVERAGE!!! Three stars out of five!!! Melissa was covering the face with her bag throughout the movie. The sound effectof the movie was fastatic as part of the scenes did really freak me out!! Not only me, but Chia Wei and Jinzzz too!!! After the movie, we went to Restaurant "Coffee and Tea" to have our dinner. The funniest part of the dinner was Chia Wei mentioned about Melissa's height!!!

Chia Wei: Melissa, you look taller than i expected!! Ur leg can touch the floor jor lah while you are sitting?
Melissa : ARGGGGGGGGGG.....(Screaming)

We was laughing so loud until the uncle who was sitting besides us was staring at us. After the dinner, we went to take a walk in JJ. Here are the pics i have...the others are with chia Wei!!


  1. A post at last.. Haha!! congrats..^^

  2. Weyy. Put a cbox la.. Easier.. Hehehe.. take care fren.. =)

  3. eat more for what? eating will only make you fat.
    Its the muscle Zoe wanna see in her badboy boyfriend, not fat! mwhahahhahahaha

  4. put a cbox! out a cbox! let us spam ur blog ma... haha!!!

  5. How to put cbox???? I don't even know how to change my blog template....hehehehe