Monday, September 28, 2009

Ready for SEM 2.......

Today-28 September 2009 is the day when the semester one begins. I woke up at 8.15am today and prepared as usual. But......I DUNNO WHICH PLACE I'M SUPPOSING TO GO!! Do i need to go to the main admistration building to register and attend for the orientation program? Or i just have go to attend the Calculus class without register??? GOSH......Finally we decided to go attend classes without register.

I'm in Q group and finally same group with Jacy, ren, Bing and etc!!! YAY....... There are three groups (P,Q,R) and as usual we need to take six subjects excluding the lame moral studies- Calculus, Mathematics Technique, Computer Method, Electricity and magnetisim, Thermal Science,Study Skills. This SEM takes longer than the previous SEM (Semester Zero)...I think!! We only have our Mid Term Break at December...I'm looking forward to it!! Hehehehe ............

Today i had my first Calculus lesson and it was okay....average!! Still at the basic level....I hope i can cope well!! Well....The electricity lesson was a disaster!! NIGHTMARE!! The beginning was easy but at the end, I'M LOST!!!! I don't know how the equations come from and when to apply the correct equations to the questions. Damm it.....the equation signs used in the equation was so confusing and everyone kept asking WHAT IS E?? WHAT IS THE SMALL E STAND FOR?? WHAT IS SMALL L??? ARGGGGG!!!

Our lesson ended at 4 today which supposed to end at 5 due to the short electricity lesson we had today. After that, we( Jacy, Ren, Rohan, Marcus and Nathan) went to Ms. Lim's room to check our Chemistry marks and unfortunately she was not in. HAIZ....I also went to Nathan's room for the first time and i can't even stay in his room for 5 minutes due to the Dettol "perfume"!!! ZzZzZzzZ.......

Okay....Computer Methods and Thermal Science are next for 2morow lessons. I hope everything going to be alright for 2morow. Pray hard and fingers crossed!!! See ya!!!

*Sok Wai and Joshua!! This is my second post and it is a long one!!HAHAHAHA!!!


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