Sunday, May 24, 2009

Mixture of Sadness and Happiness......

It's 1.20p.m now and the air smell so refershing and a little bit chilly(May be it's the air Condition). I'm enjoying listening to the Lauren Hill best song ever,"Can't take off my eyes off u".Today i did't went to school as my parents went to Penang for some personal thingy and no transport for me. Another day passed without meeting my friends at school as time for us to meet each other r getting lesser and lesser.

Finally I'M PASSED MY DRIVING TEST!!! Hehehehe.....I'm still waiting to get my "P" lincense. Hopefully i can get it on this friday so that i can practise and sharpen my driving skills without banging my dad's car badly.Hopefully..... About the MOE overseas teaching programme, i failed to secure my teaching scholarship among the 1800 sucessful applicants. They are only choosing 100 candidates among the 18oo applicants. Its' like 5.5 % out of 100%!!! Haiz...another failure!!

Anyway, i still sucessfully secured my JPA local private university (IPTS) scholarship. I feel great about it even thought i did't get the overseas scholarship as my result's not friggin excellent! It's juz average and i won't be those demanding kids who don't not appreciate what they got in their hands and just keen to go overseas. As the only thing they had in their mind is I wan to study overseas in the "foreign univeristy". I think it's time for those people to change their conception on the so called "foreign university". V should aim for those top foreign universities like Ivy League, Oxbridge,Imperial,UCL and LSE. I think JPA still sponsoring students who obtained a place in one of the top foreign universities.

Anyway....tat's all for now. See ya!! Ooroo!!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

It's such a lovely day-Thursday! I enjoyed my own cooked Instant mee and watched tv series as usual in the morning...Three days to go for Form 6!! Yesterday i went to hav lunch with my ex-voyager mate and it was juz a simple lunch at Kor Sai Mui. All my ex form 6 adviced me to let go form 6 if i had a better offer (scholarship) and it wasn't easy to study form6. I'm just lost my appetite for the Assam soup and dessert after all the advices. I know i'm not the type of person who willing to do revision constantly. As i noe, if u wan to study form 6 and get full scholarship for futher studies, all u nid to get in STPM is flat A's and CGPA must be not less that 3.75++!! It's friggin scaring and totally ridiculous for me.....

I want to run away from Form 6 but my only choice is between Form 6 and MOE teaching overseas programme. Frankly speaking, my ambition's totally not in teaching field. i never thought about becoming a teacher!!! Wat a boring job! The only reason i applied for this progamme is i'm just keen to go overseas study and this programme is my last choice if i really want to escape from form 6!! One year foundation in private U and four years in UK for bachelor of science majoring in Chemistry!!! The sad part for this programme is u nid to come back to serve for the country for six years!!! 6 years bond to the gorvement!!! SOB SOB!!!

It really put me in such an awkward situation!!! I'm speechless if i really got the MOE scholarship!! If i reject the scholarship, i feel i'm so selfish and think about those who did't even get the chance to go for the interview!! BUT...HEY!!! Who said this world is fair for everyone!!! Everyone 's care about their own business!!! The earth will continue to rotate without u and the world will continue to progress without the presence of u !! Can anyone stand up and honestly admit that you never said and done something for the advantage for urself and not for ur beloved frens!!! Well....the truth is YOU ARE SELFISH!!! Not just me...but everyone as well!!! ADMIT IT..OK??

Form 6 or Teaching field??? I really don't want to stuck in teaching field for the rest of my life!!! If i really failed to score well in SPTM......wat should i do???'s hard for me!!!! Last Wednesday I steven sum and suet lee gang went to go take a walk at the Kledang mountain ("HANG SAI")!! Erm....It was OKAY for me as i'm not really into HANG SAI activity!!! Hahahaha.........

I think tat's all for now!!! I'm going to school to take my offer letter!!! See ya!!! Oorooo!!!