Saturday, July 11, 2009

College life's not as good as u imagine!!!!

Nottingham University......wat a remote place for a city guy for me!!! I wan my city life back!!! I'm so bored for the past few days in my uni luckily i got some perakian people here with me! We spend almost all the time together and we did had a lot of fun.........chit-chatting.........watching movies..........loitering around in the uni.....

The Nottingham Uni is located at Semenyih,Kajang and i'm staying on campus for the first year .There r five residence halls(Redang, Tioman,Pangkor,Kapas and Langkawi) in Nottingham Uni . Currently i'm staying at Kapas hall where it's the furtest hall from the lecture hall. My legs was extremely excruating pain as everytime i need to take about 15 minutes to walk from my room to the lecture hall and the cafeteria. The only advantage staying in Kapas Hall is the cleanliness of the rooms. It's so clean and hygienic as from what i heard from my frens, it was newly built for half a years ago. But i'm grateful for what i'm having now.I got the second best accomodation in the campus-Single room ensuite with shared bathroom(RM440). Thks JPA!!!

The environment in the campus is totally fastatic and i love it so much. It looks similiar like the main campus in UK from the signboard design to the architecture of the bulidings. I really hope that i can go overseas like UK, Australia and USA as i'm tat kind of person who's so keen to go overseas but now i'm already fine with it......Yesterday night, we went to Kajang to hav our dinner as the cafeteria in the campus was closed due to some reasons. So we had our lunch at BBQ Chicken which it's a korea restaraunt and the food is so expensive!!! I had a "JERK CHICKEN CHOP" and it sounds funny (jerk) as both of my frens (Jacy and Ren) was making fun of it. Then we nid to walk back to the Kajang KTM as our uni shuttle bus will be there to pick up us. It took us about 1o minutes and in the mean time we met a Sarawakie from Sibu. He thought that we r the seniors as we looked much mature but we'r not. He's so fortunate when he met us as he waited the shuttle bus at the wrong place. Luckily Jacy suggested to talk to him. If not, he will be waiting the whole night ,waiting for the shuttle bus to come.

Next week there will be a ice-breaking activity organised by the Students Association and the Swimming Pool Party too.....I think i will be going as i don't want to becum the JPA geek. Now come the sad part.....the lesson will be starting 2morow and we will be having the Math diagnostic test!! OMG.....IT'S A TEST!!! U got to be kidding me............ I have not been studying for the past six months. The test covers from modert math to additional math.It's so wide and how am i going to cover it in two days.

I got to stop here......If not, i might be getting a big zero for my math test!!! Tat's all for now!!! See ya...i will update my blog as soon as possible. OOROO........................

Wednesday, July 1, 2009



Next Monday is the day i will be leaving Ipoh and going to Nottingham Uni! A new enviroment to room(Single room...luckily)!! Haiz.....So sad!! Too bad!!! Since everyone is asking for the photos, here you go!! You ask for it and u got it!!!

Say cheese.................

Stop moving lar....Aiyo!!!

Yeolde English.....Nice Food