Saturday, June 20, 2009

Serious??? Humor??? Hot Temper?? Crazy?? Geek??

This is what on my mind right now!! It's juz pop out from my mind!!

Do u like people criticise or giving contructive/destrutive comments on you? Do u mind on how people look at u? Do u keep it to yourself and try to improve urself for ur friends? Think about it.....Let me ask u a simple question, what is the main aim u r here?? What i mean the word "here" is EARTH!!! Did u kept changing your own personalities , just because of the ways of people looking at u? Then, what's the point u r living on this world? Come on.....u only hav one life!!! There's no take two in life!!! Once ur life ends, it's over!! May be u will believe on all those reborn stuffs, but who knows u r going to be reborn or not!!! So it's better safe than sorry!! LIVE UNTIL THE MAXXXXXXXX...............Do whatever u want despite on how people r looking at u!

Today we were having a farewell dinner at Yeolde English for Ee Xin and Jin Hwa who r going to leave soon for JPA offer. So it was kind of fun and lovely!!! We were chatting all sort of things after the dinner until 10p.m. After that, we decided to take a walk around the shops and we accidentanly met Anuldip Gang at the Old Town Coffee Shop. So...HI...BYE!!!! After that, they just dissapeared (off to the snooker centre). So we finally ended with a simple group photo session. The photos will upload soon.....Be patient!!

Tat's all for now!!! I'm so tired saliva is dripping when i look at my comfortable bed!!! See ya...Oorooo..........